​Meet some of our Talented Dance & Fitness Professionals Teaching our Method!

Beckey Rivera, Petite Nadirah, and Siri Chilazi:

Will I immediately become a certified instructor after doing the training?

No. The live and/or online training will provide continuing education credits for fitness professionals and a certificate of completion, which sets you up for success with the foundation to becoming a Certified RAQ THE BARRE™ Specialist; however, additional video submissions will be required before one can become an official RAQ THE BARRE™ Certified professional, demonstrating the RAQISA® safety standards and on brand teaching methods.  Each video submission is reviewed at no additional cost to you, but will be closely examined to ensure that the RAQISA® safety standards are met and that each authentic RAQISA®, Belly Dance movement is performed with proper technique; and teaching cues are communicated properly. In addition, in effort to call your class RAQ THE BARRE™  and to be officially a "Certified Instructor," a video submission of you teaching a sample on brand class will be required with an earned PASS. The RAQ THE BARRE™ Instructor Training will provide thorough training to ensure all areas from technique to teaching are covered.  *Video submissions are due within two months after a certificate of completion is issued. An extension is accepted should unforeseen circumstance arise.

Where is RAQ THE BARRE™ being taught?

Our formats are currently being taught in fitness and dance studios on the East Coast and in Middle America.  Both professional dancers and fitness professionals who have completed our training are providing their students a solid, results based program.

​How do I prepare for the live or online training?

Once you have purchased your training, you will be provided with a downloadable manual which will need to be read thoroughly prior to beginning the training as a prerequisite.  In addition, you will be provided with links to study in advance of the step by step fundamental belly dance movements: DEMOS & DRILLS.  In addition, you will be provided with a 55 minute sample class video which will need to be watched, as it serves as a method to learn our order of exercises and our signature presentational method.  Preparing in advance these steps will be helpful in maximizing your training time. 

Do you have to have a fitness certification to teach?

Having a CPR certification is a must and a fitness certification (such as ACE or AFAA) is helpful, especially if you are seeking to work in a fitness club.  However, our job is to equip you to be an on brand RAQ THE BARRE™ Professional, which means you will be provided safe & effective barre fitness exercises, with additional support to set you up to teach an on brand class format that is both memorable and fun!  Currently many trained dancers are enjoying teaching RAQ THE BARRE™ in their dance studio for additional income and as a method to support their own dance class. And barre fitness professionals are bringing a fresh new approach to barre fitness that their members are loving!


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​​Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have to know how to belly dance or have barre teaching experience to be an instructor?

RAQ THE BARRE™ is for everyone!  Whether you are a barre-fitness professional, a Zumba instructor or a professional dancer, or student who is enthusiastically seeking to grow and learn our method, this program is great for for you!  While many professional dancers are learning our method to add to their dance studios, there are equally as many successful fitness professionals who are loving this training method to add to their expertise!  Rest assured that those who are new to [the seven fundamental] belly dance movements and their variations will be set up for success; more over, you will learn authentic postures with each belly dance fundamental movement and how to incorporate the method seamlessly, into on brand barre progressions, leaving your students wanting to come back for more! RAQ THE BARRE™ is a barre certification, while our brand is inspired by belly dance vs ballet, our repertoire of barre fitness progressions are on point and approved as safe & effective. Learning how to integrate both authentic belly dance technique and a group fitness barre method takes time. Our program carefully considers both and bridges the two so that no matter where your strength lies, you are set up for success as an on brand RAQ THE BARRE™ professional.


What are the Benefits to our Instructor-Training?

●  Nationally accredited program


●  Instructor manual with variable format options for dancers

●  At Home Practice Videos

●  One on one & private facebook community/support

●  Become a part of a growing brand

●  Master teaching safe & effective technique

●  Provide your dance and fitness students a fun & creative fitness format

●  Earn extra Income 

●  Learn & teach authentic fundamental belly dance

●  Learn how to merge core belly dance fundamentals into a traditional barre fitness program

●  Bring a fresh new approach to barre fitness with a brand being taught in dance and fitness studios.

●  Provide for students & teachers of belly dance a solid fitness program which will reinforce dance technique.