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In preparation for classes with choreography, we recommend new students registering for our dance season 2019-2020 begin by investing in our Step By Step Training Bundle. Your bundle is designed to help prepare you to train with us and will set you up with success, and help me provide you the best experience. Included in the bundle are step by step video links to introduce the seven fundamental movements as well as practice drills, plus our 55 minute at home workout.  Before taking classes, be sure to  watch and practice each video, by using the patented design on the mat to practice each movement by aligning your hips to trace each fundamental!  

Student Testimonials:  

"Soraya is an excellent teacher! She has the ability to break down the belly dance moves to help you no matter what level you are on...she makes the class fun and has great choreography!"  Maria Papantoniou

"Working with RAQISA® was fun, challenging, and fulfilling! I enjoyed how each class had a technical focus and ended with some original choreography. RAQISA® is structured in a way where you feel and see progress with your dancing!"  Joelle Young




​​​​​​"Tell Everyone You Love...​You are BOOKED on Tuesdays & Thursdays!"

​​​​Returning to Our Dance Studio As Soon as it's Safe.
Class Policies: Tuition is non-refundable and is due in full prior to each session. If absent, there are no make-up dates. 
By agreeing to pay your payment, you are committing to the full session. Email and/or text is used for general information and class reminders. Studio follows the Norwood, MA Town School system for weather cancellations. Soraya Doherty is CPR Certified. Exercise/Dance at your own risk.


65 Minute Digital Download 

This special piece of choreography begins with a short lecture, then offers a beautiful piece

of original choreography by Soraya! When you purchase your download, simply provide your email

and we will send you a link to download so you can work at your own pace!

NOTE: Additional an option to pay via VENMO:  Soraya Doherty, @Soraya-Doherty (RaqiSa Logo)


​​​RaqiSa® Dance Training for Women

Dance Training For Women 2020 Season

Zoom Sessions & Digital Downloads!

RaqiSa® dance training for women accepts all levels to work according to their skill set!  Enjoy dancing to classic and contemporary songs from the Middle East and her beautiful movements!  In effort to help you grow as a dancer and to keep fit, we encourage you to take your dance training and to a whole new level with our nationally accredited program RAQ THE BARRE™ program.  Whether you are taking our dance class or seeking to keep your body fit and flexible, RAQ THE BARRE™ delivers a comprehensive workout, designed for all levels to challenge and change their muscles!