3rd Annual World Barre Fitness Summit - Orlando, Florida
October 16th - 18th, 2020
​• Lifts, Locks, and Drops, by RaqiSa®
• Hips & Heart, by RaqiSa®

• Strong & Graceful, by RaqiSa®

INSTRUCTOR Soraya Doherty


"Soraya is an excellent teacher! She has the ability to break down the belly dance moves to help you no matter what level you are on...she makes the class fun and has great choreography!!"

- Maria Papantoniou

​"Working with RAQISA was fun, challenging, and fulfilling! I enjoyed how each class had a technical focus and ended with some original choreography. RAQISA is structured in a way where you feel and see progress with your dancing!" 
- Joelle Young

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Our Mission & Brand Promise 

Hips Heart Health


Nationally Accredited - We Bring Hips & Heart to Barre Fitness!

RAQISA® Dance and the RAQ THE BARRE™ barre fitness, belly dance technique training method, is dedicated to enhancing overall health, dance, and barre fitness for women. We specialize in providing barre fitness education and trainings, featuring authentic hip and torso layered progressions with the support of deep core muscle engagement. Each comprehensive workout sculpts, strengthens, and stretches the muscles; much more, it improves posture, balance, and increases range of motion.  

The RAQISA® brand is more than a workout and is dedicated to preserving a piece of the Middle Eastern culture; her artistic expressions through dance; her music; and her heart healthy diet. Therefore, the RAQISA® brand is committed to creating soulful and elegant dance choreography, thoughtful fitness formats, and authentic heart healthy recipes.


Whether you're preparing to teach RAQ THE BARRE™, or you are a student of RaqiSa®, we take pride in providing education and support to help you begin your journey; that's why we've created an at home starter kit to launch your learning.


Begin by watching and learning about the essential hip movements with our step by step digital downloads, clearly instructed, and with the support of our patented teaching mat and balance plate to ensure proper hip alignment and posture.


Rehearse each one minute dancing drill set to authentic Arabic Rhythms prepared special for RaqiSa® by a Lebanese company: DooZhen Music Academy.


Condition and tone your essential dance muscles from top to toe with your fundamentals seamlessly merged into your workout!

Barre Trainings

"RaqiSa® Belly Dance Training For Women!"​​​

New Four Week Session!

"RAQ THE BARRE™️ is the perfect combination of a fierce, full-body barre workout and authentic belly dance moves that make the experience not only more challenging but also more fun! I was always intimidated by belly dance but through the RAQ THE BARRE™, by RaqiSa® training program, I have mastered the basic hip moves and learned to incorporate them into traditional fitness exercises as well as actual belly dance choreography. Anyone can do it! I love doing RAQ THE BARRE™ as my own workout and I love teaching it to my students who rave about the accessibility of the method."

- Siri Chilazi, MBA, MPP, SCW/ACE/AFAA certified group fitness instructor and national fitness presenter

Our goal is to ensure your success!

Quality Matters To Us!

Our program strives to provide safe and effecting training techniques, and has therefore been reviewed and approved by industry leaders in America.  RAQ THE BARRE™️ is proud to be an approved continuing educational provider, generously offering 8 Hours of CEUS! Our comprehensive program covers barre fitness exercises, safety and progressions; how to work with music; teaching techniques; authentic fundamental hip and torso belly dance technique rooted in Arabic traditions; and methods to safely merge each into a barre fitness program!