Mat, Balance Plate, Ball, Band and Hip Scarf!

PLUS: Step By Step Instructions & 1 Minute Practice Drills

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$30.00 / 10 balls

9" Fit Ball

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Packages of RAQISA® balls and bands are available in groups of 10s / 15s.  (Additional bands are needed because of the general wear and tear over time.) Contact us for more information about ordering to equip your studio!​

The Raqisa Training Bundle

Raq The Barre Professionals

$45.00 / 15 bands 

Medium Intensity

Get started today by learning and perfecting the essential fundamental belly dance movements with our step by step training mat & balance plate!  Our step by step professionally recorded videos will teach you the break down to help you begin your training.  Keep practicing each movement with our one minute dancing drills, recorded with original, authentic Middle Eastern music!  Our patented design is printed on a comfortable 24 x 68 (3 mm) fitness mat and provides a visual aid to help you perfect each movement; and our balance plate will help you train for proper posture. Included in the bundle is an inflatable 9" training ball and resistance band to keep you dancer fit, anytime, anywhere! And as a bonus, we added your own hip scarf!  Start dancing like a "RAQ STAR!" Whether you are training as a RAQ THE BARRE™ professional or as a dancer, our bundle is a must have!