Where is Raqisa Being Taught?

Raqisa Barre formats are currently being taught in fitness and dance studios on the East Coast and in Middle America.  Both dancers and fitness professionals who have completed our training on the East and West Coast are providing clients a solid, results based program.

Do you have to know how to belly dance to be an instructor?

No.  Our program will train you to perfect the seven fundamental belly dance movements and their variations; in addition, you will learn how to incorporate each belly dance fundamental movement seamlessly into our barre progressions.  Belly Dance is a beautiful artistic expression of the female form and it happens to be (simply put) "good fitness."  Our hips are a triaxle joint, capable of moving on all three planes of motion; Raqisa Barre simply provides a solution to a much needed wellness problem and serves as a method to train dancers to perfect their dancer posture and overall fitness abilities.  Dancers and fitness enthusiasts benefit from Raqisa Barre training.

Do you have to have a fitness background to teach?

Having a CPR certification is a must and a fitness certification is helpful, but no; our job is to equip you to be an on brand Raqisa Barre Professional, which means you will be provided safe & effective barre fitness exercises and support to teach an on brand class format that is memorable and fun!  Currently many trained dancers are enjoying teaching Raqisa Barre in their dance studio for additional income and as a method to support their own dance class.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Why get certified?

●  Nationally accredited program

●  Earn .5 ACE / 6 AFAA CEUS

●  Instructor Manual with Variable Format Options

●  1/2 Hour Sample Instructional Video to Practice

●  Private Facebook Community/Support

●  Become a part of a growing brand

●  Master Safe & Effective Technique & Training

●  Fun & Creative Formats

●  Earn Extra Income for Dancers and Fitness Professionals

●  Learn & Teach Authentic Fundamental belly dance and how to merge each movement into a traditional barre fitness program

●  Bring a fresh new approach to barre fitness with a brand being taught in dance and fitness studios.

●  Provide for students & teachers of belly dance a solid fitness program which will reinforce dance technique.

● Affordable online training.

Raqisa, Belly Dance Barre 

Authentic Belly Dance Meets Barre Fitness

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