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Soraya Doherty
Owner of RAQISA®

Creator of THE RAQISA METHOD shares more about how RAQISA empowers women.

About Us

​​​​​Our founder, Soraya Doherty, has over fifteen years in the fitness industry and a lifetime as a belly dance practitioner,  both culturally and as an enthusiast. She is the creator of the patented RAQISA® Belly Dance Training Mat and Balance Plate, the only visual aid of its kind, designed to provide a 3-D teaching experience to help students learn basic belly dance with precision.  Soraya drew from her Lebanese-American roots, her many years in the professional acting and musical theatre industry, and her award winning belly dance style, to create a dynamic and cultural RAQISA brand.  She is ACE, AFAA, and AEA certified; she holds a BA from San Jose State, and an MA from San Francisco State, in the Theatre Arts, and is a Screen Actors Guild Member.  

We are a small family operated business with a big vision. Our program emerged in response to the need for a body loving wellness solution.   We want to motivate women to move with strength and grace; we want to encourage healthy eating habits, and to empower you to love your body every step of the way as you journey toward optimal health.  We deliver what we know best: belly dance technique merged with barre-fitness exercises will result in a strong, graceful, and flexible, dancer's body!  To help learn the fundamentals, our patented RAQISA®️ Training Mat serves as a visual teaching aid and is designed to provide a 3 D learning experience so that you may become successful and confident with the moves, and it includes a balance plate, so you can train for proper posture and dance precision. In addition, our RAQISA®️ ball and band accessories will help you achieve a fit and beautifully sculpted body.  We train dance and fitness professionals across America to learn our technique and classes are being taught in several states in both dance and fitness studios. In addition, we host live East and West Coast RAQISA LIVING wellness retreats designed to educate, elevate, and inspire women just like you!  Our retreats include in the pricing, your very own RAQISA TRAINING BUNDLE so that you can take home and continue our method from the convenience of your own home.  Our guest speakers deliver motivational topics on nutrition, weight-loss, and mindful living. Of course we always take our dance technique to the dance floor with our elegant and easy to follow RAQISA choreography!  

Our Mission

RAQISA® is dedicated to enhancing overall health and fitness for women.  This is accomplished through a barre and dance inspired program which sculpts, strengthens, and stretches the muscles: much more it burns fat and increases cardio stamina; it also improves posture, balance, and increases range of motion.  We believe the Mediterranean Diet undergirds the heart healthy benefits enjoyed in the Middle East.  Our vision is to promote in a positive light the Middle Eastern culture, as it relates to RaqiSa Dance and Good Health.  ​We desire to reach over a million women globally, sending this clear message:  we believe you are beautiful and full of great potential!