RAQISA BARRE (AKA: The Belly Barre Workout)

Location: Needham High School

October 12 - December 7 (no class Nov. 23rd)

7 Thursday Evenings: 7pm - 8 pm

Needham High School Dance Studio (Rm 817)

1046.1 $115.00

Sign Up: Amy Goldman

781-455-0400 x214




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Soraya Doherty

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Why RaqiSa®?

The Ancient Solution

Since antiquity women have enjoy Belly Dance for culture and beauty.  Today, millions of Americans enjoy its health benefits.  Belly Dance is an effective, low impact form of exercise that involves an integration of every muscle of the body through  joyful dance, bringing balance to body and mind.  And now, we bring to you the belly dance barre solution and our signature format:  RAQISA BARRE  Now you can work on dance precision and form as you sculpt,  tone, and lengthen the muscles in  your entire body! 

​RAQISA®️is a healthy lifestyle & dance-fitness brand servicing women! Here you will discover the many health and fitness benefits inspired by the Middle East, ranging from our signature RAQISA BARRE method, RAQISA DANCE, to healthy RAQISA LIVING recipes!  We are proud that our barre method is an approved ACE, AFAA/NASM educational provider and is the only accredited program to seamlessly merge ballet's barre exercises and belly dance technique.   Qualified dance and fitness professionals across America who have trained with us are growing their business by teaching our lively and fun barre method because it is a safe, effective, and results based technique!  In addition to live classes and trainings, we host wellness events,  so that you can experience the ancient secrets from the Middle East in a beautiful setting.  Our East and West Coast wellness events includes your very own RAQISA Training Bundle and will equip you to continue to practice our technique from the convenience of your home. To help keep you on the healthy path, visit our RAQISA LIVING blog, which is full of heart healthy and delicious Mediterranean recipes.  Our vision is to educate, elevate and inspire!  Learn more about us and how you can bring the Middle East into your home!


Our modern day busy work life requires we either sit or stand all day and with limited time to prepare meals: all of which is compromising our health.   RAQISA® Living is the ancient solution to our modern day health problems!  Revitalize your health and teach your body movements that match strength with grace! With RAQISA® you can regain your posture, increase your strength, and improve your quality of living!  Learn how to embrace the Middle Eastern body loving mind set, and the healthy eating lifestyle passed down to all women from generations ago!


WHEN: Saturday October 14th &  28th

TIME:  8:45 am


 52 S Quinsigamond Ave, Shrewsbury, MA 01545


​*In addition to our Barre Workout, we are lining up a very special event which will include in your pricing your very own RAQISA Bundle!  More details coming soon!

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Soraya Doherty

​Our RAQISA dance fitness bundle is now available 

for sale online a live during our wellness events!  Price is $45.00 plus free shipping.  Take your dance

fitness training to the next level with our Patented designed training mat, balance plate,

ankle band, and 9" fitness ball!