Learn step by step, fundamental "belly dance" movements (and their variations) and bring balance to your body.  Today, our bodies crave these movements because our modern lifestyle requires we either sit or stand all day, compromising our posture and hip flexibility.   RAQISA® brings to the here and now, an ancient technique as a modern day health solution!  Revitalize your health and teach your body movements that match strength with grace! With RAQISA® you can regain your posture, increase your strength, and improve your quality of living!  Embrace the Middle Eastern body loving mind set as well as the healthy eating lifestyle passed down from generations ago!


The Ancient Solution

Hips, Heart, and Health!

RAQISA BARRE Master Class!

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Soraya Doherty

Needham, MA

Community​ Education

Soraya Doherty

WHEN: FEBRUARY (date tbd)

TIME: Friday - Sunday


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"It's good fitness...coupled with quality and passionate living."  Since antiquity women have enjoy Belly Dance movements as part of their culture and for artistic beauty.  Today, millions of Americans enjoy its health benefits and the passionate flair it seems to evoke from within. Belly Dance technique is an effective, low impact form of exercise that involves an integration of every muscle of the body through  joyful dance, bringing balance to body and mind.  And now, we bring to you a fresh take on belly dance for fitness with our signature RAQISA BARRE method.  Now you can work on dance precision and form, as you sculpt,  tone, and lengthen the muscles in  your entire body! 

​Book us for a master class and receive your own RAQISA BUNDLE for free!  Each participant will also receive $10.00 off their own bundle!

RAQISA BARRE (AKA: The Belly Barre Workout)

Location: Needham High School

October 12 - December 7 (no class Nov. 23rd)

7 Thursday Evenings: 7pm - 8 pm

Needham High School Dance Studio (Rm 817)

1046.1 $115.00

Sign Up: Amy Goldman

781-455-0400 x214

RAQISA® is a dance-fitness & healthy-living brand servicing women. Learning and practicing belly dance basics has never been easier, than with our  patented designed dance mat and balance plate!  Next, condition your entire body with our signature RAQISA Barre workout! Our barre method is an approved ACE, AFAA/NASM educational provider and is the only accredited program to seamlessly merge traditional barre-fitness with belly dance technique!  Qualified dance and fitness professionals across America who have trained with us are sharing our method and growing their business because it's a safe, effective, and results based technique!  In addition, we specialize in Mediterranean inspired wellness events promoting the many health benefits to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.  Get started today on quality living, inspired by the beauty of the Middle East!

Why RaqiSa®?


Hips, Heart, Health!

Soraya Doherty