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Soraya Doherty

Zaffa Rhythm

Original Music Prepared by DooZhen Music Academy

Choreography by Soraya

Hips, Heart, Health!

Revitalize your health, as you teach your body beautiful and fluid movements as a part of your wellness journey. Bring a mindful approach to your journey as you begin to embrace the Middle Eastern body loving mind set as well as the healthy eating lifestyle passed down from generations ago! Practicing Raqisa fundamentals daily brings to the here and now an ancient dance technique as a modern day wellness solution! Whether in a studio with a certified Raqisa Barre Instructor, or training at home, you can improve your quality of living by strengthening and lengthening your core muscles and releasing tight hips by learning to perform with ease and precision each of the seven Raqisa fundamental hip and torso movements with our step by step training mat and balance plate, coupled with our Raqisa Barre Fitness method. 


An Ancient Solution

Since antiquity women have enjoyed Belly Dance movements as part of their culture and for artistic beauty.  Today, millions across the globe enjoy its many health benefits and the passionate flair it seems to evoke from within. Belly Dance technique is an effective, low impact form of exercise that involves an integration of every muscle of the body through  joyful dance, bringing balance to body and mind


MOVE Fitness & Dance Convention: August, 1- 4 2019

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Soraya Doherty

Raqisa  Dance

Welcome to RaqiSa! 


Upcoming 2019

Pronounced Ra-Key-Sa​​ (Female Dancer)

Condition and sculpt your entire body as you train like a dancer, matching strength with grace!  RAQISA is a Belly Dance, Barre-Fitness, & Mediterranean Lifestyle Brand, Servicing Women!  We offer Raqisa dance sessions for women and are launching an Online Raqisa Barre Certification in December!  Our nationally accredited barre program will teach you the seven fundamental Raqisa Belly Dance movements and their variations, as well as safe and effective barre progressions, and how to seamlessly merge traditional barre-fitness exercises with each hip and torso movement into a memorable and fun on brand Raqisa workout! Qualified dance and fitness professionals across America who have trained in our live trainings to become Raqisa Barre instructors are growing their business because it's a safe, effective, and results based training program, and serves as a great addition to their dance or fitness studio!  Raqisa is more than just a workout, we promote methods to enjoy healthy living!  Our Raqisa Lifestyle Blog series reminds us to keep it "real" with our "Authentic Mediterranean Healthy Recipes."    

Raqisa Dance Studio

The Between Space Dance Studios

486 Washington St.  Norwood, MA

Drum, Classical, and Modern Pop

Soraya Doherty